Scientific Engineering (Pty) Ltd is the leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment in Southern Africa. Priding ourselves on unrivaled quality of workmanship and design, our products have become the product of choice among discerning customers, both locally and internationally. We are proud to say that we currently export our products worldwide.

Scientific Engineering (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1965 and has through the years always been committed to the development of manufacturing techniques to ensure that our appliances remain unsurpassed in both quality and value for money.

Scientific Engineering (Pty) Ltd strength lies in its human resources with a dedicated stable workforce as well as a shareholder lead management team contributing to the long term success of the business. Through the long term development of staff, Scientific Engineering (Pty) Ltd offers unrivaled experience in the laboratory manufacturing arena, which places us at the forefront of product design and craftsmanship.


Scientific Engineering believes that its most important resource is its staff, and through effective team-work, we will endeavour to provide every customer with a quality product at competitive prices, within the promised delivery time schedule.

Vision for the Future

The continued refinement and development of our product range is paramount to ensure growth. Through distribution partnerships, both locally and internationally, this growth objective is achievable

The size of the company, enables us to run the business on a family basis. There is an open door policy for all employees to voice their problems and we believe in running the business on a hands on participative management basis. The majority of the 110 employees have continued service, in excess of ten years. This stable work-force, enables us to concentrate on producing consistent quality products. It also allows us to develop our own staff’s skills and to promote people into supervisory functions from within.

We are committed to the principles of BEE and employment equity through continued training and development of staff, and through the development of local supplier networks, in an effort to promote the local economy.

Scientific Engineering (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1966 and has through the years always been committed to the development of manufacturing techniques to ensure that our appliances remain unsurpassed in both quality and value for money.

Our Policy with Dealers

As mentioned we do not directly market our products and dealers are vital to the continued success of our business, we believe in protecting their interests through good backup, quality and reliable delivery lead times. In turn we require commitment from our dealers in the form of:

  • Promoting our products.
  • Providing the end-user with reliable professional after sales service back-up.

Scientific Engineering is a design and manufacturing company and does very little marketing of its own products. Our product sales are generated through a worldwide dealer network.

The company is actively involved in the design and manufacture of the following:

  • Laboratory equipment such as platform, orbital and incubating shakers, ovens, incubators, waterbaths, circulators, circulating baths, steambaths, heatable baths, hotplates, furnaces, accessories and trolleys.
  • Clean air laminar flow work benches.
  • Electrode baking and holding ovens, hot boxes for the welding industry.

Market Position and Shareholders

Scientific Engineering is a well established manufacturer of laboratory products in Southern Africa and is the largest supplier of laboratory ovens and incubators in South Africa. As a shareholder managed company, customers can be secure in the knowledge that a dedicated team is behind every successful delivery.